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Hi!  I’m Ellissa Jayne. 

Branding specialist.  

Creative Genius.

Woman on a mission.

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Raving Fans

Creative Genius

I can’t even describe how I feel about working with Ellissa. It has been a match made in entrepreneurial heaven from the very start.

Working with Ellissa is a dream. Her work is always exceptional quality, she delivers to schedule and on budget and always exceeds my wildest dreams.
Creative genius? Hell Yes! You’d be mad not to work with her.
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Blown Away

I’m still blown away. The entire process, unexpectedly, has been so much more than building an online presence. It’s been a re-emergence and an up levelling that I had no idea would feel so good until it was done. Every day I log into my new space and I feel like I’ve just walked into my dream home. I’m excited to share it, and thrilled to occupy it. It’s Me, all over.




Hayley Carr

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Working with Ellissa was life changing for me because it was the first time I saw my message so clearly stated on a website through graphics and design.
She nailed the branding from day one and really took her time to get to know me. I was blown away by her commitment to my site and my business, as if it was her own. I cannot express in words how lucky I am to have chosen Ellissa to make the magic happen and allow my website to scream my message of health and wellness. Ellissa – you are top notch!

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Elissa’s work left me nothing short of gob smacked at how she used my colour’s and signature design and details to present me to the world as a professional.  It has turned my business around 110%.


The work we did together to dig into the real me and find my brand was amazing and I knew it had elevated my perspective of my business.  She is a masterful creator.

Charley Hunter

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